Road Code 2022 – the ban on driving on public roads, a real possibility: what the law says

The Road Code 2022 comes with a series of important changes for drivers driving on public roads in Romania. However, the most important changes concern the sanctions, which are significantly harsher than in the past.

Among the legislative changes that came into force in 2022 is a new sanction. The traffic police have the right, in theory, to ban you from driving a car on the Romanian territory. The provision is passed in a government ordinance for the amendment of the Highway Code that appeared on Friday, although it has previously been the subject of much speculation and we have also detailed it in the past here. Predictably, the circumstances in which you may find yourself with such a sanction are extraordinary.

Who is left without the right to drive in Romania

Traffic police officers may decide to remove your right to drive on public roads in Romania, for one year, if you have a foreign driving license and have been criminally convicted, by a final court decision, for serious misconduct. of road legislation on the territory of our country. The mention was made in the Government Ordinance 1/2022 published in the Official Gazette no.89.

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For reference, the ban joins other measures that may be taken by police officers, such as withholding of a driver’s license and / or registration certificate, withdrawal of a driver’s license / registration certificate or license plates or cancellation of a driving license.

More precisely, according to the data obtained by, those with a foreign driving license who have been previously convicted for:

  • killing or injuring a person as a result of non-compliance with traffic rules;
  • putting into service or driving a vehicle with a false registration number;
  • driving on public roads a vehicle or towing a trailer whose license plates have been withdrawn or a vehicle registered in another state, which does not have the right to drive in Romania;
  • driving on public roads of a vehicle for which the law requires the possession of a driving license by a person whose driving license does not belong to the category or subcategory to which the vehicle belongs or whose license has been withdrawn or revoked or whose exercise of the right to drive his driving has been suspended or he does not have the right to drive vehicles in Romania;
  • driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol (alcohol ingestion of more than 0.80 g / l pure blood alcohol) or psychoactive substances;
  • refusal or evasion of biological sampling;
  • leaving the scene of the accident without the consent of the police or prosecutor investigating the crime scene, by the driver of the vehicle or by the driving instructor, who is in the process of training, or by the examiner of the competent authority, during the practical tests of the permit driving, involved in a traffic accident.
  • participation as a driver in unauthorized competitions on public roads;
  • placing obstacles that hinder or impede traffic on the public road, if the safety of traffic is endangered or the right to free movement of other road users is impaired;
  • leaving a vehicle carrying dangerous goods or substances unattended on the roadside on a public road.
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As an important detail, although the amendment appears in the Traffic Code, in order to be able to apply, the implementing regulation of GEO no. 195/2002 regarding the traffic on public roads, respectively GD no. 1,391 / 2006.

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