For the first time in 8 years, Google Chrome receives a new logo

Google Chrome has undergone very few changes to its visual identity since 2008. After a debut with a 3D icon, Google decided that its browser would display a “flat” logo, which it changed only very subtly a few years later. Now, after 8 years of the Chrome icon remaining unchanged, Google is introducing a new one that most users may not even notice.

Google has simplified the Chrome logo over time

According to those testing Google Chrome in Canary, Google is introducing a new desktop icon. Those who only look at the icons fleetingly will not even notice the difference, but those with a more developed spirit of observation will quickly notice some small differences.

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google chrome logo evolution
The evolution of the Google Chrome logo

The overall design has not changed. We have the same four colors arranged in a circle, but the new design is even “flatter” than it was before. Each of the three outer colors of the circle had a shadow effect when combined with the next color. For the new Chrome icon, this effect has been removed. Also, the inner circle, which is blue, now has a darker color and is slightly larger.

Most users probably won’t even notice the difference, as from a distance, the logo looks like it did from 2011 until now. However, it seems that Google has moved towards a continuous “simplification” of the logo. The first version of the logo changed from the original “3D” to include small color gradients to further suggest a 3D logo, and the second version dropped them in favor of shadows. The new logo is now completely flat, with a slightly more vibrant color selection.

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However, the changes may not occur on all platforms, at least not immediately. In general, Google changes the Chrome icon according to the operating system on which it runs.

source: The Verge

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