VIDEO Jamie Lee Curtis could be back in Freaky Friday: the statement that will delight the actress’ fans

Jamie Lee Curtis has opened up about the possibility of reprising her role from Freaky Friday (2003), and not just anyway, but alongside Lindsay Lohan in a possible sequel.

A guest on The View to promote her new film Halloween Ends, Curtis was asked by Sarah Haines if she has any plans to appear in the sequel to the film that earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. “I’ve already written to Disney, my friends at Disney, I’m also in their new movie Haunted Mansion,” she said on the ABC show.

“I’m going to be 64 soon, in a month or so. The point is, I’m open to it creatively,” she added.

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And that obviously wasn’t all: Jamie Lee Curtis also gave some ideas about what her and Lohan’s character might do in this possible sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis wants Lindsay Lohan to return alongside her in Freaky Friday

“Lindsay Lohan and I are back in Freaky Friday. She just did a Christmas movie, I think, and got married… Everything’s fine. Let’s go for it! Let me be the grandma, let me be the old grandma, so that Lindsay can in turn become the sexy grandma who is still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways that you would be happy with Mark Harmon,” Jamie Lee Curtis continued.

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“I’d love to see Lindsay Lohan as a sexy grandma, and I’d love to see me trying to deal with the kids, too. I want to be a modern parent in today’s world,” the actress said.

Freaky Friday is based on a 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers and is about a mother and daughter whose bodies are switched after they eat a magic cookie.

The 2003 film was the third film adaptation of the novel, following the 1976 version starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster and a 1995 television movie starring Shelly Long and Gaby Hoffmann.

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