REVIEW Manifest – the Netflix series that reminds you of Yellowjackets

Manifest isn’t a recent series, but it might be a pretty interesting one if you happened to watch Yellowjackets and liked the idea there.

Since I had previously watched Yellowjackets, I decided to give this Netflix series a chance, although, at least at first, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to watch a somewhat indigo-pulled production.

No, I don’t suspect anyone is copying anyone else, as the idea isn’t exactly new to the world of science fiction.

Why would you watch Manifest

If you’re a fan of out-of-the-ordinary ideas, sci-fi, or even stories involving airplanes, it might not hurt to give Manifest a chance.

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With three seasons released so far, the story may seem a little long-winded and, I have to admit, a little boring at times, but if you’ve exhausted everything on your list but still feel like binging on the book, Manifest is just what you need.

The scenario is a classic one: passengers on a flight go through a storm, only to find, upon landing, that instead of a few hours, which is how long the flight would normally take, it’s actually been five years.

What follows isn’t exactly textbook material for a regular sci-fi, as the story tends to soap opera at times as the script tells you the life stories of several of the passengers stuck in time and space.

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Naturally, five years can change a lot in a man’s life, but nothing in the life of someone over whom only a few hours have passed. People evolve, die or, as the case may be, reorient themselves so that you no longer find your place in their lives.

In case you have time on your hands and no other series worthy of your attention, know that you can watch all three seasons of Manifest on Netflix.

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