REVIEW Devil in Ohio – the Netflix miniseries that shows you the real demons are still humans

Devil in Ohio is the name of one of the latest miniseries you can watch on Netflix this season.

Besides, as Halloween is just around the corner, it’s safe to say that the series is just right for this time of year, especially if you want to cower in fear (or cold, if you’re from Bucharest) under the covers in front of the TV.

Devil in Ohio, a series you must see if you want to understand more about religious cults

Of course, there are plenty of films and series that deal with the subject of religious cults, many of which have a home on Netflix itself. Even so, Devil in Ohio is arguably one of the best, since it mixes everyday life, the kind you most likely have, with the grim reality you obviously don’t see.

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“You don’t even know what a good life you have,” Mae can be heard saying at one point. To better understand the context, I’ll tell you that Mae is a girl from a family living in a community that worships the Devil. She manages, at the last minute, to escape the hands of her parents who wanted to sacrifice her in the name of the one they worship.

Arriving “in civilization”, she is taken in by the family of the doctor who treated her and slowly manages to integrate, wanting very much to become a “proper” member.

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However, it’s worth noting that although we’re talking about a miniseries (Netflix and IMDB note it as such), Devil in Ohio leaves room for “interpretation” at the end. In other words, it gives you the impression of a door being left open to a possible sequel, sometime, somewhere.

Whether that will happen remains to be seen.

In case I caught your eye, Devil in Ohio can be seen in full on Netflix, as mentioned above.

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