Coin flips are not as random as they seem –

If you have been using coin flips as a random way to solve situations with two outcomes, we have bad news for you. They are not as random as they seem. A study conducted by has concluded that coin flips actually slightly favor the side from which they were originally flipped, meaning they are not as random as history has believed them to be.

Granted, there’s not a huge difference between which side a coin will land on, because after more than 350,000 verified somersaults, the research report revealed that the side from which the coin was flipped is 50.8% likely to be the one it lands on, so there’s a small chance you can turn the outcome of a coin flip in your favor.

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Interestingly, however, the researchers found no note of a heads or tails bias with a coin flip, meaning it is only how the coin is flipped where bias can creep in.

Coin flips are not as random as they seem

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