Redfall Gameplay Shows Reasonable Fighting Against The Rook – That’s Gaming

In Redfall, as players make their way through the island city of the same name to rid it of its vampire oppressors, they will face different enemy types with varying levels of threat and strength. One of these, The Rook, was revealed during Redfall’s gameplay demonstration earlier this year, and IGN has now released a gameplay video showing what a fight against a Rook will look like.

The Rook is a special and powerful enemy type that will be sent by the vampire gods to hunt you down at various points in the game, depending on whether you complete side missions, overthrow vampire overlords and kill their minions. The battle shown in the gameplay video below is intense, as a group of players attempt to defeat a Rook as it rages on the battlefield, with less-threatening cultists also attempting to poke a stick. Check it out below.

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Redfall comes out May 2 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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