RAR helps you buy a car safely in Romania: all Romanian drivers have more to gain than service

Before buying a second-hand car in Romania, it would be good to go through a series of checks, and the Romanian Auto Registry or RAR makes your life significantly easier in this regard, without necessarily exaggerating the prices. .

RAR officials have announced the expansion of services in the institution’s portfolio. From this moment, at the Romanian Car Registry you can call on technical consultancy services, for the situation in which you want to buy a used car and make sure that everything is in order, and the owner has not omitted any damage to you.

Buying a used car is safer

One of the main reasons why buying second-hand cars is a significant risk is the hidden flaws, the problems that you can’t detect ochiometrically. In this context, it would be best to perform a series of tests before giving money, and in addition to the car services that offer this service, you can now call RAR.

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If you go to a service for a set of checks for a possible purchase, the prices vary significantly, but also the services offered. For this reason, you start from 300 – 400 lei, but you can easily get up to 1200 – 1400 lei. At the Romanian Car Registry, this technical effort involves an expense of 600 lei, regardless of the value of the verified car. Among the checks included, it is important to note that some tests are included that you cannot do at a private service.

For example, if you take a car to RAR for checks, the identity of the car is checked, if the engine or chassis series has been changed, but also if the car has been declared stolen. In addition, all technical details are analyzed as carefully as possible. You can find out if she has been involved in an accident, if it has been improperly repaired, if there are minor or major problems with the braking system or steering. Even the rigged mileage is identified.

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“RAR has the expertise to identify situations that can make a difference when you take your money out of your pocket to get a car. RAR engineers have seen over time how vulnerable customers are when buying a car. Because they do not have the necessary specialized training, people can be easily fooled by those who, in bad faith, put cars with hidden defects, with misplaced mileage or, even worse, with identification problems. The latter can put them in the undesirable situation of buying a car that they cannot use “, transmits the Romanian Auto Registry.

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