Ps Plus Extra: what you need to know about sony’s subscription service

PS Plus Extra, Sony’s new  subscription offer  for its PlayStation console, has been making a lot of noise since its launch. Between the  games offered each month  and the  expected new features , find out everything you need to know about this service which comes to compete with the Xbox Game Pass.

playstation plus

Sony has revised its copy by now offering  three subscription offers  to best satisfy players:

  • PlayStation Plus.
  • PlayStation Plus Extra.
  • PlayStation Plus Premium.

These new formulas are intended to be closer to the competition with  additions  . The PS Plus Extra sits between the  classic PS Plus  and the  PS Plus Premium , offering an attractive compromise for those willing to invest a bit more in their  monthly subscription .

PS Plus Extra games

Each month, Sony unveils a selection of games offered to PS Plus Extra subscribers. Although some titles may disappoint, the Japanese brand does not skimp on big games. Thus, the month of March was marked by the arrival of Uncharted Legacy of Thieves ,  Life is Strange True Colors  or  Meet Your Maker , developed by the studio behind Dead by Daylight.

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The  games offered  are generally available to both PS4 and PS5 owners, allowing all subscribers to enjoy the new features regardless of their console. Titles change every month, so be sure to check PS Plus Extra news regularly to keep up to date with the latest releases.

The PS Plus Extra games catalog

In addition to the  games offered each month , the PS Plus Extra offers an ever-changing catalog of games. Each month, new games are added to the list, while others disappear. It is therefore important to monitor additions and departures so as not to miss a title that interests you.

How to access PS Plus Extra games

To enjoy  games from the PS Plus Extra , all you need to do is subscribe to  Sony’s subscription service . Once connected to your PlayStation account, go to the section dedicated to PS Plus Extra games to download the  titles you want . You will be able to play it as long as you remain subscribed to the service.

Comparison with Xbox Game Pass

It’s hard not to compare the PS Plus Extra to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service that revolutionized the video game market. If the two services offer a similar offer, it is important to note  a few differences  :

  • The catalog of games:  although the PS Plus Extra offers many titles, it is still far from equaling the quantity and quality of the games offered by the Xbox Game Pass.
  • Exclusives:  Sony relies heavily on its exclusives to attract players to its subscription service. As a result, some flagship titles are only available on PlayStation, while others are exclusive to Xbox Game Pass.
  • The price:  in terms of prices, the two services are relatively similar, with an advantage for the PS Plus Extra if we take into account the games offered each month. However, the Xbox Game Pass also offers access to new features as soon as they are released, which can be a significant advantage for some players.
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In conclusion, the PS Plus Extra is an  interesting offer  for owners of PlayStation consoles who wish to take advantage of a  varied catalog of games  that is renewed every month. Although it’s not yet on Xbox Game Pass level, it’s important to note that Sony has taken a big step forward with this  new formula  and things could still change in the months to come.

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