Portugal eliminates the obligation to wear a mask indoors


The Government of Portugal has approved this Thursday the elimination of the obligation to wear masks indoors, in such a way that the country will have a regulation similar to that of Spain and masks will only be required in public transport and in places with ” especially vulnerable people”, including health facilities or residences.

The Minister of Health, Marta Temido, has assessed at the end of the Council of Ministers that “the conditions are met” to take this step, which will come into force once the president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, promulgates it and appears published in the Portuguese official bulletin.

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Feared has lamented that mortality from COVID-19 is still above 20 deaths per million inhabitants –specifically, 27.9–, but has stressed that there is a “positive evolution” of the pandemic and the incidence of seven-day cases stands at 583 per 100,000. The number of income, in addition, is “stable and decreasing”, reports the RTP chain.

In this sense, he stressed that the pandemic “is not over yet” and certain recommendations on the use of the mask will be maintained, for example when a minimum interpersonal distance cannot be kept.

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