European authorities announce new measures to strengthen USB-C as a single charging format for mobile phones sold in the EU

The European Commission decided last year to adopt USB-C as a universal connector for charging mobile phones. The law also provides that chargers may be sold separately from electronic devices. New revisions to the package of laws also point out that users may not need a new power cord if they already have one from their previously used smartphone.

The plan is for people to have a single charger for all the devices they own, whether they are smartphones, tablets or wireless headphones. Each device should be USB-C rechargeable.

Excluding the AC adapter from the standard accessory package may not be to the liking of smartphone manufacturers. Also, the mandatory use of USB-C hits hard on manufacturers who have made a profitable business from selling accessories, preventing consumers from accessing compatible accessories by imposing a proprietary plug-in format. We’re talking about Apple, of course.

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Another measure prepared by the European authorities is to establish a common standard for wireless charging, so that the purchase of wireless adapters (much more expensive than a simple USB-C cable) is decided only on the basis of supported power, not supported charging standard. .

Arguing for the proposal before the European Parliament, the EC estimates that the new regulations will help users save around € 250 million a year by digging up unnecessary purchases of chargers. At the same time, the measure should also benefit the environment by reducing e-waste by almost a thousand tonnes a year.

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