Pixel Watch, less powerful and more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5

The bad news about the Pixel Watch continues. After it was confirmed that the watch will be equipped with a very old and inefficient processor, which won’t allow the new device to offer long battery life, we now learn that its price won’t be competitive either. It seems that Google is planning to sell this model at a price closer to that of the Apple Watch than the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, despite the fact that competing models are equipped with newer and more powerful components.

Google will sell the Pixel Watch at a higher price than the Galaxy Watch5, according to rumors

Google generally relies on software and leaves hardware on the back burner, but in the case of the Pixel Watch, this strategy could prove to be flawed. With an old and inefficient processor, there’s little chance the watch will be able to offer more than a day’s battery life, and the fact that it will be nearly $100 more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 and just $50 cheaper than the Apple Watch could keep customers away.

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According to 9to5google, the Pixel Watch could start at $349 for the Wi-Fi version and $399 for the version with an integrated 4G modem. In comparison, the Galaxy Watch5 starts at $280 in the US, while the Apple Watch starts at $399.

However, the comparisons to the Galaxy Watch5 are valid, as both will run the WearOS operating system, so in terms of general capabilities they will be very similar. The difference would be that the Pixel Watch won’t benefit from the OneUI interface, but Google’s standard one.

The Pixel Watch launch is expected in the very near future. Google will hold a presentation event on October 6, where the Pixel 7 phones are expected, as well as new information about the Pixel Tablet, which isn’t scheduled to launch until next year.

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