The YouTube Vanced team reveals the real reason why the app disappeared

The developers of YouTube Vanced announced a little over a week ago that the application they are developing will be removed from the download. By the way, they kept their word, and they quickly removed the application from the internet, without much explanation. It has been speculated that it was a copyright issue, as the application used the name YouTube in the title, a trademark of Alphabet, the company that owns Google, and now the team confirms this.

YouTube Vanced has run into copyright issues

Members of the Vanced YouTube team published an article called “Vanced Discontinuation” on the platform. Here are clearly explained the reasons why they had to give up the development of the application and its distribution on the official website and in other places where it was directly available.

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The problems encountered were legal, but not related to “piracy”. In fact, blocking ads is not illegal, and this was the main function that the application performed for many users. It appears that Google has threatened to sue YouTube Vanced for using the name “YouTube” and a logo similar to the official app. The problem was that they did not ask permission to use these trademarks.

Most likely, even if they had asked for permission, Google would not have allowed their use. That’s because YouTube Vanced is a way for users to avoid paying for certain features in the YouTube app, in addition to the fact that Google no longer collects money from ads. Vanced allowed background playback of the content and enabled picture-in-picture mode even for those who used YouTube without a premium account.

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To avoid legal repercussions, the Vanced team has agreed with Google to never share their application sources and remove all links to it from the Internet.

For those who want alternatives to YouTube Vanced, here are a few that you can find in this article.

via Android Police

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