Pixel 6a may be slightly better than the standard Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro models from last fall debuted with a proprietary chipset called the Google Tensor, a model produced in partnership with Samsung. This is basically a modified Exynos model for improved AI processing, but it offers average performance compared to competing flagship models. However, it seems that the Pixel 6a, significantly cheaper than the two variants already launched, will use the same processor, and the first tests suggest that it could offer even better performance on the new model.

GeekBench tests put Pixel 6a above Pixel 6 in terms of performance

Pixel 6a has not been officially announced yet, but there are rumors about this model for several months already. Google could unveil the phone at the I / O 2022 event in May. This will be the first edition with a physical presence in recent years, with Google preferring to host online events during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

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Tests with Google Pixel 6a have appeared in the GeekBench database, and according to them, the performance on the new cheaper model offered by the same Google Tensor chipset could be a few percent higher. Of course, the differences are small enough to be passed to the normal margin of error, but it is quite clear that the Pixel 6a will not provide a lower user experience, according to these tests. With 1,050 points in the single-core test and 2,833 in the multi-core test on GeekBench, the Pixel 6a is 0.6 and 2.6 percent better than the “standard” Pixel 6, respectively.

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pixel 6a bench

Most likely, the phones in the Pixel 6 range will not behave differently in normal use, the only notable differences between them being in terms of construction, the “a” models are usually made of plastic and in the rooms, where the higher variants have more many more powerful cameras and sensors, usually.

source: Android Central

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