People under 40 are more exposed to monkeypox because they lack a vaccine

The vaccine of smallpox could be the key to curbing the infection of monkey poxwhich begins to spread to global leveldoes not have a specific treatment and worries doctors. To the seven confirmed cases in Madrid for him Ministry of Health and the 22 suspects that are pending validation, we must add seven positives in United Kingdomfive in Portugal and the first in the United States. before this unusual uptick of a variant of the disease that Spain and the rest of the world was eradicated in 1980the punctures that killed it 40 years ago may still be in force today.

The European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) has indicated this Thursday that “if smallpox vaccines are available in the country, vaccination of contacts of high risk of people infected with monkeypox”, weighing in each case the “risk-benefit”.

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Those over 40 are more protected

Experts say that, in the case of the smallpox vaccine, the immune system creates defenses that last for life. In this way, older people 60 years They are the group least likely to be infected. Followed by the group of older 40 yearsthe last generation to get the prick before the disease was eradicated.

The young population is the one at risk

On the other hand, the population under 40 years of age is the one with the highest risk of contracting monkeypox because they do not have antibodies against this virus. In this sense, the epidemiologist has also positioned himself Oriol Mitjawhich has claimed that “those under 40 who have been in contact with infected people with the monkey variant, they would have to be offered the vaccine.”

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The expert has denied that the vaccine has side effects. “It’s commercialized and it’s Very safe“, he indicated in an interview on the TV3 program ‘Planta Baixa’.

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