Pence comes out in defense of FBI and does not rule out appearing before committee investigating Capitol assault

Former US Vice President Mike Pence, number two in Donald Trump’s administration, has opened the door Wednesday to his possible appearance in the commission investigating the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and condemned the attacks on the FBI after the recent operation in the mansion of his once ally.

Pence, a potential Republican primary contender for the next election, was a key player in the Trump Administration’s web and, in fact, was responsible for presiding over the Senate session in which Joe Biden’s electoral victory was to be ratified when a mob of people stormed the legislative seat.

The commission investigating in the House of Representatives this assault, promoted by the Democratic Party, considers that Trump tried to convince Pence to intervene to endorse his theories, in what seems the beginning of the end of the rupture between the partners.

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During an event in New Hampshire, the former vice president has suggested that he would be willing to appear before such a commission, although it would be something “unprecedented.” “If we were given a formal invitation, we would consider it,” he responded when questioned about this possibility during a public event, according to NBC News.

Pence has also commented on the FBI raid on Trump’s mansion, to reiterate that it is something unprecedented in the history of the United States and to demand more information: “This unprecedented action requires unprecedented transparency.”

However, he has disassociated himself from “fellow Republicans” who have directed their criticism towards the FBI, stressing that they are “the party of law and order” and that, therefore, they must defend at all times the work of law enforcement, reports The Hill.

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“The attacks against the FBI must stop,” said the vice president, who sees room to call the attorney general, Merrick Garland, to account without entering into other types of criticism.

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