Denmark opens office in Rwanda to process refugee shipments to Rwanda

Denmark plans to open an office in Rwanda in its plans to establish an asylum center outside the European Union and thus alleviate the demand for applications it receives from people seeking refuge.

The Danish Foreign Ministry has said the office will be run by two diplomats and will be located in Kigali, the capital, a controversial move reminiscent of the UK, where the Conservative government has plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

In Denmark, one of the countries with the strictest immigration laws in Europe, the Social Democrats who govern in minority do not seem to have the support of the rest of the parties in Parliament on this issue, so it is not clear that the plan can go ahead.

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Last year, Denmark signed an agreement with Rwanda to help fund its reception system, but the two sides stopped short of agreeing to set up an asylum center for those seeking refuge in the Nordic country.

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