Over-60s start getting the fourth dose of covid and flu vaccine

  • Immunization also starts with pregnant women or people at risk, such as patients with diabetes or cardiovascular problems

The over 60 years of age in Catalonia begin this Monday to be vaccinated against the fourth dose of covid and of the flu. Since last October 10, you can make an appointment for vaccination through. La Meva Salut or by calling directly to your primary care center (CAP). Vaccination for this group, as well as for those younger than 60 years of age with risk conditions (pregnant women and people with diabetes and cardiovascular problems) officially begins today monday October 17.

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The first to be vaccinated with the fourth doses of covid and influenza were the elderly in nursing homes and then the over 80 years of age. Last September 26, covid-19 vaccination in Catalonia returned to its starting point: the Feixa Llarga nursing home in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), where. Josefa Perez had received the first coronavirus vaccine two years earlier.

Immunization of the over-60s comes at a time when covid is on the rise. Although there is no pressure on hospitals, primary care centers (PCCs) are seeing an increase in visits, although there is not yet any any kind of saturation. The virus that is circulating the most at the moment is the rhinovirus. Nevertheless, some epidemiologists have already expressed their concern that the situation will grow more than expected, as is happening in France or at Germany, whose health minister already called for a return to face masks indoors.

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