New finance minister defends Truss but hints at economic policy changes

The new Finance Minister of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, has asked this Sunday to the citizenship to maintain the confidence deposited in the Prime Minister of the country, Liz Truss, although he has let slip that the British Government will give a turn to the economic promises of campaign after the furious response against the plans of fiscal cuts of the new Executive.

Hunt is the successor to Kwasi Kwarteng, whom Truss singled out as ultimately responsible for a tax cuts plan whose unveiling some two weeks ago provoked a tremendous market backlash. The new finance minister, in comments to the BBC on Sunday, assured that Truss “has changed” and now “is willing to do the most difficult thing in politics, which is to change her position”.

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“Now we are going to show not only what we want to do, but how we are going to do it,” he added.

However, Hunt has advanced that his portfolio “is not going to rule out any option” and maintains that his intention is to preserve “as many tax cuts as possible” understanding that “the long-term economic health of the country depends on a low-tax economy.” “I believe in this position wholeheartedly,” he added.

Hunt took the opportunity to reject rumors that already describe him, according to British media, as the country’s shadow leader. “Liz Truss is still in charge,” the finance minister assured.

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