Lidl, 17.10: 4 useful personal care products available at affordable prices

Lidl has a pretty rich offering of personal care products this week.

Among them is a battery-operated facial cleanser. The device, branded Silvercrest Personal Care, works in three ways: exfoliation, deep cleansing and massage. A pouch and charger are included in the package. The brush has two sides, offers eight intensity settings and is water resistant. The device costs 80 lei.

Nevadent electric toothbrushes are back in the chain’s offer. White and black versions are available for 100 lei. The brushes have three operating modes: Clean (firm cleaning), Sensitive (gentle cleaning of sensitive places) and Massage (stimulating gum massage).

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The device includes a pressure sensor that warns users when they press too hard and risk damaging tooth enamel. Two heads and a housing are included in the box. The brush has a 600 mAh battery and LED to indicate battery level.

Nevadent electric toothbrushes that Lidl is selling this week.

Also available for dental hygiene is a Nevadent-brand battery-operated dental irrigator. The device costs 119 lei and has three intensity settings: Soft, Normal and Jet. The water tank has a capacity of 120 ml.

A 2-in-1 massager, also from Silvercrest Personal Care, is available for 60 lei. The device offers two functions: exfoliation and massage. Twelve different massage modes are available.

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