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Oriol Mitjà warns: 30% of the population could be infected with ómicron in the coming weeks


the epidemiologist Oriol Mitja warns that 30% of the population I might become infected in the coming weeks of omicron variant of covid. In a Twitter thread based on the latest scientific evidence, the doctor has pointed out that the probability that the incidence will increase is “high”.

Mitjà has explained that ómicron is a variant “with vaccine leak with the potential to infect up to 60-70% of the population.” However, it takes into account that approximately 30% were already infected at Christmas, and that another 30% more will get rid of the contagion.

The remaining 30% is the one that could be infected now, and it is “the one who worries”, since this percentage would be made up of vulnerable people who have not been infected by covid and have not obtained that natural immunity which is essential in the case of omicron; since vaccines are ineffective with it.

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“Natural infection by Ómicron is what best protects against reinfection by Ómicron. The People over 60 years they have had far fewer natural infections than children and youth. Older people may have more risk”, the epidemiologist pointed out.

To this possible increase in infections by covid we must add the current absence of control measuresSince the mask it is no longer mandatory in most spaces, and other restrictions such as confinements are not applied either. For this reason, Mitjà asks for “a little prudence the next three weeks.”

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undetected cases

The epidemiologist explained that the current incidence of covid at 14 days in people over 60 years of age is 700, and that 25% of tests that are carried out are giving results positive. This means that the actual incidence is three to four times higher than the one we detected”, he recalled.

Mitjà has also stressed the importance of repeat antigen test in the event that the result is negative: “Currently, the symptom start before the test is positive” he said, and also underlined: “While the flu goes down, the Covid goes up, but there are many infections that we are not detecting”.

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