Ukraine reports arrest in Spain of pro-Russian blogger Anatoli Shariy


The Ukrainian blogger Anatoli Shariy, accused of treason for his pro-Russian positions, has been arrested in Spain, according to the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU), whose investigations date back to 2021.

The SBU, which also accuses the blogger of promoting hate speech, considers that Shariy has carried out activities contrary to the national security of Ukraine with his information work, even acting in the service of foreign interests.

This arrest, which would have been carried out on Wednesday, “is another proof that the traitors will receive their punishment sooner or later”, highlighted the Ukrainian authorities, who have appreciated the collaboration of both national entities and international “partners”. .

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Ukraine promises that it will do everything possible to hold Shariy, who has his own YouTube channel, accountable for his alleged crimes. In recent months, as a result of the military offensive launched by Moscow, kyiv has intensified surveillance of news content that supposedly defends pro-Russian positions.

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