Oliver’s father, operated on for cancer at Sant Joan de Déu: “Everything is going great”.

“Everything is going very well, Better than we expected.” said this Friday Alejandro Romero, the father of Oliver, the two-and-a-half year old boy operated on for a very aggressive brain tumor two days ago in the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Esplugues de Llobregat). The family, of Andalusian origin and resident in Cancun (Mexico), flew last week to Barcelona from America to be able to treat the little one, because in their country of residence they gave him no hope.

On Wednesday, the Sant Joan de Déu medical team removed more than 90% of Oliver’s brain tumor in an operation that lasted more than 10 hours. Previously, on Friday of last week, the child had undergone surgery to treat his hydrocephalus he suffered from the tumor. “Oliver is very well, awake, very reactive. He is moving, talking a little and recognizes us,” Romero explained to the media from the hospital plaza.

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Both the father and the mother are waiting for the child, who is still in the ICU, will soon be transferred to the ward. “Hopefully today,” Romero said. He believes it will be in the “next few hours” or “next few days.” “I’m super happy at the moment, the operation went great and we are waiting to see what they tell us from Oncology. Hopefully he will give us the best news.” Following the procedure, the hospital has begun the molecular study of the tumor, the results of which will make it possible to design the oncological treatment more appropriate.

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Finally, the father has had words of thanks For the entire medical team at the hospital. “It’s spectacular,” he said. “Every single person treats us great. and I think they treat everyone that way,” he finished. Oliver traveled to Barcelona after the doctors in Cancun told him that the tumor was not treatable and gave the family no hope. The parents consulted with different specialists, who recommended that they call Sant Joan de Déu, a hospital that agreed to treat the child. A anonymous businessman paid for the medicalized plane that the child needed in order to fly to Barcelona. It cost 200,000 euros.

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