Sam Bankman-Fried announces the launch of a V2 ofFTX that will revolutionize crypto!

The FTX team will introduce a new order comparator, low-latency API channels and other features to the crypto-currency exchange. SBF believes this will double order throughput and cut order latency in half on the exchange.

FTX: V2 is coming on November 21, according to Sam Bankman-Fried

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) announced in a series of tweets on October 10 the upcoming improvements on the FTX crypto-currency exchange. He believes FTX: V2 will go live after the rollout of a set of improvements on November 21.

“We expect to roll out some of the features over the next month. But many of them will be available on November 21, 2022. At that point, FTX: V2 will be live.”

The FTX team has begun deploying several enhancements to the FTX matching engine. Developments include a new order matcher, reduced latency API paths and other vital features. In fact, the development team has been working on these enhancements for nearly a year. What’s more, they are now almost ready for release.

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SBF believes these enhancements will double order throughput and cut order latency in half on FTX. He asked API traders to stay in touch with the FTX team as they preview some of the improvements. In addition, users will be able to check out the enhancements throughout the month and the final package on November 21.

“Finally, a big thank you to our growing development team: they are turning sleepless nights into higher order throughput and lower API latency.”

FTX experienced server downtime when the CPI was released in August, as users encountered difficulties placing trades. However, the CEO of crypto-currency exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), declined to discuss server downtime.

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FTX Token Price (FTT)

The price of the FTX (FTT) token is currently trading at $23.82, down nearly 1% over the past 24 hours. However, FTT continues to be one of the most purchased tokens by Ethereum whales this week.

Last week, FTX launched a crypto debit card in 40 countries in partnership with Visa. In addition, FTX acquired the assets of Voyager Digital for nearly $1.4 billion. Finally, FTX CEO SBF expressed interest in acquiring the assets of Celsius this month.

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