Netflix is putting a “lock” on these movies and series: what’s the reason

Netflix has just launched its new ad-supported tier, but some classic titles like Arrested Development and House of Cards are unavailable. Both series played a key role in the company’s transition from DVD-by-mail service to the first global online streaming platform.

In the years since the development of both series, Netflix has dominated the landscape with hit series and movies including Stranger Things, Squid Game and Red Notice.

Earlier this year, the company experienced its first quarter of major losses in a decade, leading to a restructuring of its original content plan.

The list of blocked Netflix movies and shows is by no means a short one

Now, from Netflix, it seems that for subscriptions with commercials, some important titles are missing, which are visible in the search bar, but have a padlocked icon indicating that the service cannot play them. This category includes Arrested Development and House of Cards.

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Other shows that are similarly blocked on the sustained level of ads include Peaky Blinders, The Magicians, The Last Kingdom, The Sinner, Good Girls and Friday Night Lights, etc.

When Netflix decided to include a sustained ad tier, it warned subscribers that certain titles would not be available due to licensing agreements. However, they did not specify which titles would be affected by this. In the statement, they claimed they were “working” on getting these titles for the new tier.

It looks like Netflix will try to bring the House of Cards originals and the last two seasons of Arrested Development back to the new tier at some point in the future.

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However, there’s no guarantee that new deals can be negotiated, and many of the other blocked titles aren’t Netflix Originals at all, including iconic sitcoms New Girl or The Good Place. These shows are owned by other networks, some of which have their own streaming services.

All in all, the situation is complicated, and will most likely remain so for a long time.

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