Ocean Viking’ disembarks 459 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean in Italy

The humanitarian ship ‘Ocean Viking’ has received permission to disembark 459 migrants rescued in Mediterranean waters at the Italian port of Taranto.

The NGO SOS Mediterranée, owner of the ship, has reported that the vessel has arrived this Sunday morning in Taranto after more than a week waiting for permission from the authorities. The 459 rescued have been taken on board after a total of ten different rescue operations.

Meanwhile, the ship ‘Geo Barents’, of Doctors Without Borders, continues to await the assignment of safe harbor for the disembarkation of the 267 migrants on board. So far the four requests made to Malta and the six made to Italy have been ignored, according to the organization.

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For its part, the German organization Resqship has reported receiving a distress message from a wooden boat with 300 people on board who had been drifting for days without food and water.

The NGO’s ship ‘Nadir’ helped them until an Italian Coast Guard vessel took over and was able to rescue the migrants.

The ‘Nadir’ has detected another boat with 76 people on board, including several minors, to whom it has provided assistance. Finally they have been rescued by the humanitarian vessel ‘Sea Eye 4’, where cases of dehydration and infected wounds have been noted.

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