Liz Truss falls in popularity polls with voting close

Sep. 4 () –

The latest recent polls show that support for candidate Liz Truss is waning with the British electorate, ahead of whether she will win against Rishi Sunak in the Conservative Party primaries, results to be released this Monday.

Only 12 percent of Britons expect Truss to be a good or great leader, while 52 percent expect her to be a bad or terrible leader, according to YouGov.

Moreover, the British public is divided on whether she would be a better prime minister than her predecessor, Boris Johnson, while they indicate that she would be worse than all other leaders since Margaret Thatcher.

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On the other hand, an Opinium poll has shown that support for Truss has fallen from 49 percent to 31 percent in less than a month.

The number of British citizens who believe the current foreign secretary is competent has also declined, Bloomberg has learned.

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