Nicaragua orders CNN en Español to be removed from the country’s television network

The Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Postal Services (TELCOR) has ordered this Friday the immediate withdrawal of the CNN en Español channel from the television grids because it considers that its content “contravenes, violates and injures” the Constitution and the Sovereign Security Law.

The first lady and vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo has accused the US news channel CNN en Español of “violating” the Constitution and of “interference” or foreign meddling to justify the end of the broadcasting of the channel that arrived in Nicaragua 25 years ago, as expressed in a statement reported in ‘La Prensa’.

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Among the articles that TELCOR considers violated is Article 8 of the aforementioned norm that defines as threats to sovereign security all those acts “of foreign interference in national affairs that may violate the fundamental principles established in the Constitution”.

It also considers that two articles of the Magna Carta have been violated, the first because it establishes that its purpose is “to guarantee the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national self-determination as an inalienable right of the Nicaraguan people” and Article 67 for stating that informing “is a social responsibility and must be exercised with strict respect for the principles.”

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The television network has highlighted through a statement on its website “the vital role that freedom of the press plays in a healthy democracy”. CNN en Español has assured that it “will continue to fulfill its responsibility” and will provide links to its page so that Nicaraguans can access its information.

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