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The European Parliament accuses Russia of clouding the European role in the Sahel with disinformation



The European Parliament has questioned Russia’s policies in the Sahel region of Africa and has pointed out that Moscow is carrying out a disinformation campaign with which it seeks to delegitimize European initiatives in that area, aimed at promoting stability and security.

This is stated in a resolution approved this Thursday by a show of hands and in which the MEPs also condemn the presence of the Wagner Group, alleging that the deployment of these mercenaries related to the Kremlin also contravenes the work for the sake of peace.

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The text warns of the presence of terrorist groups and recognizes that the international missions sent to the area have so far not made it possible to achieve a lasting peace, which is why it raises the need for a new reflection on the mandate of this type of deployment.

MEPs also lament the repercussions of the recent coups in West Africa and demand clear limits in the transition processes, with a view to guaranteeing a rapid return to constitutional order and the organization of free and transparent elections.

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