New desk gadget should finally solve a problem I have almost every winter

Who doesn’t know the icy cold that creeps around fingers and feet in winter? Anyone who spends several hours a day sitting in front of the PC will probably enjoy it more often. Then it’s time to turn on the heating and wait. Alternatively, of course, a hot coffee cup or fingerless gloves will do the trick. But I would like to say that these are not optimal solutions.

A Danish Indiegogo project finally wants to offer the right solution for everyone who is plagued by cold fingers on the keyboard. The »Varme« hand warmer.

Jan Stahnke

Jan Stahnke has been writing for GameStar-Tech since August 2022 and has to endure the feeling of cold, numb fingers on keyboard keys every winter. On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that he lives in a rickety old building. On the other hand, he is also afraid of the upcoming additional payment for heating costs and does not like to turn up the heating.

“Comfortable” warmth directly on the hands

The Varme hand warmer is reminiscent of a table lamp with two wings.  There are 4 infrared LEDs in each wing.

The Varme hand warmer is reminiscent of a table lamp with two wings. There are 4 infrared LEDs in each wing.

The warm hand warmer shines at first glance like a small, but in other respects conventional radiant heater. You should place it directly in front of the keyboard and warm your fingers while using the PC.

It should be connected to the mains via a 60-watt adapter and give off a pleasant heat “after a short time”. Founders Søren Abildgaard and Michael Hyldgaard promise that no burns are possible.

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The unusual: The »Varme« does not heat with ceramics or the like. Instead, at Varme Infrared LEDs used, which have a very low power consumption.

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This is almost perfect for me, because I can do something against cold on the body or on the feet more than with cold hands. I can always curl up in a blanket and put on slippers. But gloves and a coffee cup are not optimal.

Of course, a warm blanket for your feet is also a good idea if you suffer from cold feet. For example one here:

The varme probably will first crowdfunding project that I will support – simply because last winter I was annoyed almost every day by the icicles, which I usually call fingers.

Strom spar’n, Finger warm?

Not untypical for so many crowdfunding campaigns, the technical information is kept vague. Economist and founder Hyldgaard has this to say about electricity consumption:

“Even if electricity is the most expensive, it only costs pennies to leave the heating on for an hour.”

Given that these are supposed to be few LEDs, I am cautiously optimistic tuned. If this tool really warms you up comfortably without getting too hot or even causing burns, I could well imagine next winter completely without heating. At least when I’m sitting alone in front of the computer.

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I’ve had this thought several times this winter, but the power consumption of conventional heaters stopped me from doing it. According to, it is around one kilowatt hour at the lower level and up to two kilowatt hours at the highest level.

(Image: Heat)

(Image: Heat)

A radiant heater at the highest level currently costs around one euro per hour when running at full power. If the Varme’s power consumption is really significantly lower, then I see the potential for a PC gadget all-star here.

Early birds, i.e. people who supported the project by March 23, 2023, will probably get the Varme delivered in April. This way you pay 160 euros for the gadget. Otherwise, 207 euros will be due and delivery will probably not take place until July.

The project has already passed the modest goal of 500 euros and is currently in the production phase.

Should I get my hands on the Varme, I will of course tell you more about it in winter. I have high expectations, as you may notice. But now the winter is over. Soaking up the sun is the order of the day! So, hopefully.

What do you think of this simple solution to the problem? Do you often have cold fingers or cold feet yourself? What do you do against cold limbs in the home office? Will you get the varme hand warmer? Do you perhaps use other gadgets for this, the heating or can you stand the cold without help? As always, let us know your opinions and views in the comments!

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