Earthquake in Romania? 3 Android apps that warn you when an earthquake is happening

People living in areas with intense seismic activity or who want to be informed when a new earthquake occurs have several useful apps at their disposal.

We’ve selected three of the most popular and popular earthquake apps available for the Android operating system:

1. My Earthquake Alerts

The app tracks earthquakes happening around the world and alerts users when one occurs in their area. Notifications can be received for all earthquakes, just for a specific country or just for an area. Furthermore, users can choose to be informed only about earthquakes above a certain magnitude.

Information about the latest earthquakes is displayed on the main page. The app is free and is supported by advertisements. The Pro version, which removes advertising, costs 10 lei.

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Download: My Earthquake Alerts

2. Earthquake Network

This app uses accelerometers on millions of smartphones to detect earthquakes. Earthquake Network provides customized earthquake alerts by country, region, distance or magnitude. The app also includes a chat feature that allows users to chat.

The basic version of the app is free. A more advanced version, which is ad-free and gives priority to the chat service, can be purchased for 7.5 lei.

Download: Earthquake Network

3. Earthquake App – Tracker, Map

The app was developed in Turkey, a country seriously affected by earthquakes. Earthquake App – Tracker, Map has a clean interface that displays the most recent earthquakes nearby.

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Detailed information about each earthquake is available. There is also a search engine for earthquakes. Furthermore, on the map in the app you can see all the earthquakes that have happened recently in the world. As with other apps of this kind, notifications can be customised.

The app is free. The premium version costs 24 lei.

Download: Earthquake App – Tracker, Map

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