Bugatti is already restoring the Veyron –

While many of us probably still see the Bugatti Veyron as a fairly modern hypercar, the automaker sees the model in a different light. Bugatti has said that the Veyron (or at least certain types of the Veyron) will be “is now considered a modern classic car icon.” and therefore they are ripe for restoration and “given a new life.”

A press release reveals that a Veyron 16.4 Coupe and a Veyron Grand Sport will have a “painstaking new configuration and restoration program” have undergone by a team of Bugatti experts, aimed at giving the car a number of aesthetic upgrades.

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This also included rebuilding the cars’ interiors to the customer’s specifications and a thorough technical inspection of each car before the process was completed.

Bugatti also announced that this restoration concept will become more common in the future, as it plans to deliver 10 more “restored” cars in the coming years.

Bugatti is already restoring the Veyron

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