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Electronic Arts and DICE today announced Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn revealed. The season launches on June 7 and adds a lot of new content to the game, including a brand new map, multiple weapons, gadgets, quality-of-life improvements and 100 new Battle Pass tiers. Content affecting core gameplay is available to all players as part of the non-paid Battle Pass from Battlefield 2042. Players can unlock additional cosmetic items through the premium Battle Pass. Owners of a Year 1 Battle Pass will receive an Epic skin and XP booster as a special reward during the first two weeks of Season 5.

In Season 5, the battle moves to the Czech Republic, where players battle each other on the new Reclaimed map. On this by Battlefield 4 inspired map is located a war-ravaged, feral and abandoned industrial facility. As the battle takes place on a secret train route, players must work even better with their squad to leave the battlefield alive. Vehicles get the chance to do battle at Crash Site, while Landing Zone borrows from proximity combat. When trees are destroyed, new sightlines are even created that may turn the battle around. In addition, both Abandoned Turbine and Military Warehouse offer a range of gunplay experiences, including verticality, cover and small spaces.

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Season 5 also includes an arsenal of new weapons and Battlefield 4-classics, all with a new look and sound. For example, the highly accurate XCE Bar assault rifle receives expanded attachment capabilities, allowing players to attack enemies from different distances. The old Battlefield 4-favorite GWE-46, on the other hand, is great for medium range thanks to its high stability and burst mode. With the powerful BFP.50 Hand Cannon or the Phalanx CIWS combined anti-aircraft gun, which features cannons and missiles, players can do a lot of damage at close range. The above weapons are now playable on the new Reclaimed map in the All Out Warfare mode. In addition to these weapons, the Spring Grenade, Anti-tank Grenade and Mini Grenadeall offer opportunities to do a lot of damage: from small grenades that bounce through the air and grenade bundles that explode on impact to micro grenades that can be thrown faster and farther than regular grenades.

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In addition to this new content, Season 5 also adds several quality-of-life improvements. These include a new Squad Management system, which will allow players to manage and customize their squad. There will also be an updated vehicle loadout that improves role distribution on the battlefield, updated Vault Weapons and the introduction of new Thermal Tech and Heavy Anti-Air weapon stations. With the recent update to the class system assigning Specialists to one of the four classic and well-known classes: Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support, players can continue to define their roles in Season 5.

Later in Season 5, the seventh and final release map will also be updated. Among other things, the Hourglass map will get a new route under the highway and the distance between mission targets will be reduced to allow for better coverage, sightlines and combat.

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