This smart flower pot makes plant care a breeze

Pika, Pika!, does hydroponics work?  This flower pot has character (and is smart).  (Image sources: Merijar via Adobe Stock; Go Planty)

“Pika, pika!”, does hydroponics do? This flower pot has character (and is smart). (Image sources: Merijar via Adobe Stock; Go Planty)

Turn your houseplant into a pet? This is how the Go Planty, the manufacturer of the slightly different flower pot, advertises.

It sounds like an advertisement, but it is a smart flower pot that is currently causing a stir in the world of indoor plants. With face display, standard USB connection and an app for the handset.

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Who needs Go Planty? The following scenario: You walk through your stately apartments, looking over the foliage of your indoor plants. There a rubber tree, here a mountain palm, right next to it a yucca palm. A wonderful green in green.

Yes, then: Oh dear! The rubber tree snaps, the mountain palm turns brown – and the yucca bows. But not out of respect. You forgot to water the plants regularly. Now the green friends are ailing. And it’s your fault!

Look who's talking to you!  There is an app for the smart flower pot that tells you how your plants are doing.

“Look who’s talking to you!” There is an app for the smart flower pot that tells you how your plants are doing.

How does Go Planty work? So that innocent houseplants no longer suffer from your neglect, Go Planty could be worthwhile. The emphasis is on could. The smart flower pot is equipped with a display. A cute face moves on it, which reflects the needs of your green thumb friend with up to 15 emotions. Namely:

  • soil moisture: Is the orchid that your partner in the last phase of your life gave you when you separated, in (blossom) juice and (flower) power? Or has the orchid long since collapsed?
  • incidence of light: For photosynthesis to work, plants need sunlight. Therefore, when it comes to green, the right location is half the battle.
  • Temperature: Plants have feelings too – or (soon) they don’t anymore when the frost gets to the tips of the leaves. For example, bow hemp, ivy or the birch fig are sensitive to cold.
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What does your plant feel? The six emotional cornerstones, or rather pillars (“Hö! Hö!”) of the Smart Flowerpot are as follows. In other words: If you otherwise ignore all communication attempts by your intelligent houseplant – you should pay attention to these six emotions.

  • Sick: Just! Do not fill your plant with water! The flower doesn’t have to go swimming just because you sunk in the Redbull Vodka Boat on Saturday night!
  • Vampire: Exposed to the shady place for too long, Planty shows sharp canine teeth and red eyes – and completes the transformation into a vampire. We thought Count Dracula recruited his followers by biting his neck, but okay, our diploma from the Vampirism Academy in Transylvania Homes was several full moon nights ago.
  • peel: Summer, sun – and sunburn? If the little plant is grilled by the sun, you should pull the flowerpot over to the shade.
  • Cold: If you don’t want GoPlanty to get a sniffle, you might want to turn up the heat. Plant with a nose. The stuff that horror movies are based on.
  • Heat: Some like it hot; but sometimes even the hottest fire lily needs a cool down. So: put the plant in the shade!
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Editor’s Opinion

Patrick You can

About the smart flowerpot from Go Planty Patrick says: Who’s happy?

As a gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday please use gift-compulsory day, Patrick would also grab Go Planty. So maybe. So far, the editor has been far from anthropomorphizing any indoor plants. On the other hand, Patrick surrounds himself exclusively with easy-care palm trees. That is why the useful one practices What does my plant need right now?-Approach little appeal to him.

During his research, Patrick found out: The provider has warehouses in Germany; the delivery time for the product is five to ten days. Nice thing that.

Do your indoor plants suffer from drought stress – and are the leaves wilting? Or do you feel disenfranchised and snubbed by the smart flowerpot? Are you striving for the complete smart homeization of your house? Write us about it in the comments.

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