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Starting today, Stranded: Alien Dawn players can explore the vibrant new region of Saltu as part of a free update for all platforms. Characterized by dense foliage and warm conditions, the jungle region brings exciting new challenges in addition to a wealth of new features available in all regions and scenarios, and a new survivor that can be a useful addition to any group.

Saltu, a stunning yet unforgiving environment, brings unique new obstacles for survivors in the form of extreme humidity, tropical infections, living mists and Xenoflora bacterial fire. Players must devise innovative strategies to keep their survivors cool, preserve food and treat disease to avoid life-threatening consequences. Native flora and fauna can also be studied and exploited to produce resources for the group.

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New features, including working areas and area flags, allow players to exert even greater control over their basic setup, with the ability to assign survivors special areas in which to live and work for optimal productivity. Survivors can also be prepared for any situation thanks to a special tool inventory compartment, and can be equipped with one of many new tools, including survival kits, breathing masks, night goggles and grenades.

In addition, players can also select a new survivor, Melody Adeyemi, for their group. Melody’s experience, a talented natural healer and reassuring leader, will surely prove vital.

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To experience all this and more, put your survival strategies to the test in Stranded: Alien Dawn – available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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