Netflix has become more expensive and does not seem to stop. How much does it cost to subscribe to the most popular streaming service in the US?

Netflix has risen fourfold in the United States. Netflix’s Premium subscription has cost the United States $ 20 a month.

For the last time in the United States, at $ 12 a month, Netflix Premium now costs $ 20 a month. The other two packages, Basic and Standard, cost $ 10 and $ 15.5 per month, respectively.

Netflix makes subscriptions more expensive as competition in the streaming market has become much fiercer. HBO has released Max, Disney + is becoming more popular, and Prime Video is no exception.

Netflix is ​​becoming a luxury

Moreover, Netflix is ​​testing a fee for account sharing, an activity with which the company agreed as long as it contributed to the popularization of the service, but which considers that now is the time to bring money. Thus, Netflix is ​​preparing to make a major change regarding the unauthorized sharing of your account. The streaming platform evaluates the application of a few dollars fee for each user who does not live at the same address as the account holder, but who accesses the same account.

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After testing last year for encouraging people to make their own Netflix account, the company has now announced that it has another “in-book” test in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. will force subscribers to pay extra to share their account with people outside their home. As far as we know, subscribers will be able to add up to two additional users, in exchange for $ 2.99, for each of them. Those users will receive their own credentials, as well as Netflix recommendations customized to their preferences.

The bad news is that many users expect these increases to reach Romania sooner or later. Netflix’s price hikes have already reached Europe, where the top countries are England and Ireland. Even without price increases, Netflix Premium costs 12 euros per month in Romania, which is twice as much as HBO Max and Prime Video combined.

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