Ford is preparing a new electric model: when the electric Puma appears

The new Ford Puma EV will share elements with the brand’s electric vans.

Puma EV will share some components with future electric versions of the Transit Courier and Torneo Courier vans to keep prices affordable and is likely to use the Global-B platform of the existing base car.

The electric version will not have a completely new design, keeping the shape of the curved crossover body of the standard car, the high headlights and the sloping rear. However, there will be many modifications specific to electric cars, such as a closed front grille to improve aerodynamic efficiency, a new LED design and a slightly cleaner lower front bumper.

The electric cougar will be built together with the future Ford electric commercial vehicles at the factory in Craiova. The brand’s new electric SUVs – a mid-size model and a sportier crossover – are set to be produced at Ford’s Cologne plant, which is being transformed into an electric vehicle production unit with a $ 1.7 billion investment. Of euro. Unlike Puma, they will adopt Volkswagen’s MEB electrical architecture as part of a technical partnership between the two brands.

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The most appreciated model

There are no details on the size of the battery for the electric Puma, but I expect a range of over 320 kilometers, in order to compete with crossover rivals such as the Kia Soul EV and the Peugeot e-2008.

However, while Puma may use an adapted version of the Global-B platform using the van’s electrical components, this may not be feasible with the lower and lower hatchback. Instead, an electric Fiesta could adopt Ford’s compact electric platform, which would be a cost-effective solution.

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It is also possible that the Fiesta will follow Mondeo and disappear.

“This will not be the end of the journey. We will only sell electric passenger cars until 2030. We look forward to developing plans for the future, ”said Stuart Rowley, head of Ford of Europe.

A new all-electric version of the popular Ford Puma SUV will arrive in 2024 as part of Ford’s “Model e” electrification plan, which includes two larger EV SUVs and four new electric vans.

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