MultiVersus has been removed from stores – That’s Gaming

In keeping with last week’s announcement, Player First Games’ MultiVersus has been pulled from online stores. It is still available for download for current owners, but Gleamium can no longer be purchased. The open beta goes offline on June 25, so enjoy it while you can.

MultiVersus launched in July 2022 and received more than 144,000 concurrent players on its first day alone via Steam. It would reach over 10 million players within two weeks and over 20 million players within less than a month. However, due to various bugs, double XP for Mastery Track levels 3 to 15, and other unpopular changes, the number of players dropped.

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As a result, Player First is taking the open beta offline and targeting the full launch in early 2024. Efforts are being made to improve matchmaking, update the netcode, redesign the progression system and more. While online modes and features will not be available, The Lab and local matches will still be accessible, with progression carried over to the full release.

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