Meta launches Metaverse Horizon Worlds application in Spain and France

The move is part of Meta’s expansion plan to offer the services to more countries in Europe this year. While the app was available as an invite-only service in 2020, it just opened its services to the general public in December 2021 for the US and Canadian markets.

Meta expands App Horizon Worlds to Spain and France

Meta (formerly Facebook) is expanding its metaverse offerings in Europe. The company recently announced the launch of one of its main metaverse apps, Horizon Worlds, in Spain and France. In a post, the company announced that everyone over 18 in those countries will have the opportunity to enjoy the service using one of the VR headsets sold by the company.

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Horizon Worlds allows users to experience a VR world in which they are represented by a configurable avatar, and can traverse worlds created by other players and experiences developed by companies. The launch in these two countries is part of a plan to bring Horizon Worlds to more European countries before 2023.

The app, which has been available to users by invitation only, has been in beta since 2020, opened its services in the U.S. and Canada last December and followed that launch by opening its platform to customers based in the U.K., Ireland and Iceland this year.

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