Netflix versus Disney+, HBO Max and Prime Video in Romania: who’s the law on streaming

In recent years, we’ve really been spoilt for choice, with more and more streaming services appearing on the market. Among the most important are: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Disney+, but the list is much longer than that, obviously.

Netflix is, as you already know, the oldest streaming service in the world, but also the first to enter the market in our country. This is surely one of the reasons why the giant is still making a name for itself in Romania. The habit, but also certain productions that have attracted attention, one way or another, help Netflix to stay on top, despite its recent competitors, but also despite the problems it has had, lately, at the company level.

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What Romanians prefer, though: Netflix, absolute leader

According to JustWatch – The Streaming Guide, Romanians continue to prefer Netflix, as mentioned earlier, in fact, in recent months ticking (with some somewhat minor fluctuations) the 40% percentage, which is not bad at all for a company that has had so many difficulties in the last year.

Surprisingly, however, in second place in the preferences of our country’s residents is Prime Video which hovers between 20 and 30 percent – the same, with somewhat minor fluctuations between months.

Third place is occupied by another veteran, HBO Max, which managed to narrowly jump 10 percent in April after a consistent jump. It is currently in decline.

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The newest entrant to the top is the recently launched service in Romania, Disney+. Despite the fact that Romanians only started accessing Disney movies and series in June 2022, the streamer is doing quite well, ranking fourth with a sharp increase of up to 10% in its launch month.

Incidentally, it’s important to know that this ranking was conducted between January and June, so this data puts Disney+ in an excellent light, exclusively.


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