Marc Márquez: “The mind is much stronger than any muscle in the body”

MADRID, March 6. (Royals Blue) –

The Spanish rider Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda) knows that he is facing a “special or different year” in the Motorcycle World Championship, after experiencing two years “of falling and with difficult moments”, and that he has been able to overcome it thanks in large part to the support of his environment and his mental capacity, and although he still doesn’t feel like a “favourite”, he is clear that his goal is to “fight” for the title.

“Yes, this is a special or different year because I have been falling for two years, going down, with difficult moments, uncertainty, pain, discomfort, operations, but now it seems that little by little my life is settling down again,” Márquez confessed in An interview with Europa Press.

In this sense, he clarified that his personal life “always” has been in order despite this little ordeal. “Professionally, it was where things did not work out for me. I came out of a bad moment and another came, to see if this 2022 is a good year to return to where we left off,” she wished.

The one from Cervera acknowledged that the aspect of mental health is “very important” in cases like his. “The mind has much more strength than any muscle in the body, but in my case, for this health to have been good, even being injured and after two very difficult years and going through bad times, having a healthy, close environment, where you get along and that I encourage you, is something that has no comparable psychologist,” he assured.

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The eight-time world champion began his bad streak with injuries in Jerez (Cádiz) in the summer of 2020, with that fall that damaged his right arm. After several operations and completely missing that World Cup, he returned with the 2021 one started and although he was able to win three races, he was unable to finish it due to a fall in training that caused him diplopia (double vision) again.

Now, he faces the season with renewed and ambitious spirits, but also with caution. “I’ve always been optimistic, I was already in the first interview they did to me after the first training session. I’m here because I want to fight for the World Cup, I’m not going to hide, it’s my goal in 2022. Whether it will be possible or not, we’ll see, the rivals will make it difficult for me, we are in the World Championship”, he expressed.

In any case, he believes that “logically” he cannot “start” among the initial candidates. “I don’t feel like a favourite, I feel like a candidate, that there are many, but there are two or three drivers who start ahead of me,” she said.

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“But now we are all with zero points. Qatar is a particular race and I am already telling you that I am not ready to win, but there are 21 races, the World Championship is very long and you have to add up and know that from one race to another you can go changing the level a lot”, he added in this regard.

Finally, Márquez pointed out that “one of the points” that he has been “accepting and learning thanks to experience” is knowing that there are races, as happened last year, in which he could not win and that the important thing is to score points .

“Six years ago they told me to finish fifth and I said that it was unthinkable because my goal was to win each and every one of the races. Now with experience I have seen that the races are like ‘war stories’ and that the championship is the ‘war’ and it is what you have to win. We will have to accept being sixth if it is to add points for the fight for the championship, “he said. For now, this Sunday he will start from the front row of the grid.

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