Marc Márquez: “In MotoGP you can’t go in a conservative mode for the entire championship”


The Spanish MotoGP rider Marc Márquez (Honda) assured this Thursday that to win “you cannot go in a conservative mode throughout the championship”, although he did emphasize that “constancy will be very important” this season, in which he must have “patience” and you will learn to know the “new pilots”.

“It depends a bit on the approach of the weekend. In Qatar I knew that the strategy was conservative mode. I knew that a good race was a third, a bad race was a fifth or sixth. It is better to have 11 points than to go for 16 and lose them. But it’s not worth doing all the races in a conservative way. You can’t go like this for the entire championship, you have to go win races,” said Márquez in a meeting with the media organized by Estrella Galicia 0,0.

And it is that for the one from Cervera “constancy will be very important now that there is a wide variety of riders ahead”. “The important thing is that we have started the season. You always want more, we have finished fifth, but until you get the victory you are not happy. But this has already begun. There are ‘substitutes’ during the race and you can fall, but if you don’t you risk in MotoGP you finish tenth. You have to force when you find the situation, “he said.

“Last year I had the experience that I didn’t get into the top ten and I won two consecutive races at the end. In a year the film can change a lot, I have to be patient. I still don’t find that adequate ‘feeling’ with the bike. We’ll see how long I can bear this patience,” the Spanish rider said with a laugh.

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Márquez is facing a new opportunity this season to get his ninth World title, a “challenge” that he wants to achieve. “I do not face it as the ninth title, but as the title after spending two bad years. It is the challenge of going through the worst of the sport and winning again, I do not hide, I want to achieve it”, he sentenced.


“In this process there will be new rivals, changes of generation, drivers that I know less about. You have to learn from them. All the favorites were not even among the top five and those who had not made so much noise were on the podium. The objective is fight every race to get points”, he remarked.

The Catalan, who confessed that he must “continue to improve” his riding, insisted that he is looking forward to 2022. “The pressure is always on yourself. If you are ambitious you always want the best, I have not hidden. When I got on the motorcycle a month ago I said that my goal was to win the World Championship. These two years have been long, but now I can go back to enjoying what we love”, he added.

“At the moment everything is very new, but the bike has potential. Little by little, I have to take the bike to my terrain, in which I feel comfortable. In Qatar it was the first race simulation I did and for Indonesia we have already seen the road a little. There will be no new parts but we will try things that we have inside the box to find the direction. Looking for the direction before the race was shooting in the air, “he analyzed about the next race in Indonesia.

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Márquez explained that now his bike is “more predictable and less effective in the front end.” I have to make her more reactive on that part. An easy, docile and fast motorcycle is very difficult to find, but we are working on it. The brands will continue to improve, this is competition and the nice thing is to improve. We will do everything possible to not only win but to have the best bike, the desired bike,” he said.

“Honda has the potential to go in one direction with one rider and go in another with another rider. Pol had a great race and we practically rode the same bike. I don’t see myself winning a world championship with another brand other than Honda. I have a contract and I’m very comfortable,” he said.

Finally, asked about Real Madrid’s comeback in the Champions League against PSG, Márquez, a self-confessed culé, admitted “being envious” of the Madridistas. “The comeback was incredible, I watched the game and I enjoyed it, it was a great game. There is always a change of generation. Someone younger with more spark, different, will always arrive. Messi has been one of my idols, but it is normal for him to arrive an Mbappé and he is seen with that spark that Messi was not seen. But it does not detract from what Messi has done,” he referred to the game.

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