Marc Márquez: “I try to remember the good moments to achieve them in the future”

“If I go out and in the first lap I feel good, it’s in my DNA to push”


The Spanish MotoGP rider Mar Márquez (Repsol Honda) confessed that he cannot reach a race weekend with a “specific objective” right now, after missing two appointments and a fifth place as the best result, but he hoped to extend the good feelings at the Portuguese Grand Prix and being able to “push”.

“Austin was a good weekend, the goal was to regain confidence, which we did, and we approached the weekend in a positive way, we were solid. I always want more, finishing sixth and the comeback was good but We were looking for more. We had a technical problem at the start, Honda has solved it for the future and it’s important,” said the Catalan.

Márquez appeared this Thursday at the official press conference with a view to Portimao, a track that he likes but to which it was difficult for him to adapt last year, when he returned after nine months of injury. “It was a good return, this year has not been easy, with some ups and downs and more injuries, but we are here to compete again. In our box we do not have many references, but Álex and Pol were fast here”, he pointed out.

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“We have to understand how the new bike is going, but if we can continue the good moment in Austin, here is the time to confirm it. We go without expectations, try to understand, feel the bike and after the warm up we will understand where we are,” he added, before to describe the Portuguese layout, where rain is also expected.

“I like the circuit, I like the track, with these elevation changes, different and strange corners, you need to flow very well. Last year it was difficult for me to understand it, if you find this flow everything is easier, but if you are fighting against the bike , everything is uphill for you”, he explained with the arrival of the World Cup in Europe.

The one from Cervera reappeared in Austin two weeks ago, after another vision problem, and after a technical failure at the start that left him last, he managed to come back to sixth. However, Márquez again felt that things go wrong with little. “When you go through difficult times is when you have to work the hardest, I try to remember the good times to achieve them in the future,” he said.

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“In 10 years I have never had a technical problem on race day and now that I need more help it has never had to happen. Sometimes it can happen. I have made many mistakes, I have crashed four times in one weekend. and the mechanics have never complained to me”, he added about what happened at COTA.

Despite not having them all with him lately and having work with the new bike, Márquez confessed that if the track smiles at him at first, he will not hesitate to push. “It’s one thing to get to Thursday and then if I go out and in the first lap I feel good, it’s in my DNA to push,” he said.

“If not, I control myself like I did in Austin to survive at the level of physical condition. Here I feel better and it will be helped by the weather conditions, the rain, because I won’t push as much. My best position has been to be fifth, I can’t think in winning, there are steps in between. You have to start the weekend and see where you are, “he concluded.

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