Maduro assures that the sanctions imposed by the US have returned “like a boomerang” to Europe and America

Maduro sees the exclusion of countries from the Summit of the Americas as a “serious mistake” by the US and says that the “time of imperial orders is over”

MADRID, June 8. (Royals Blue) –

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has assured that the sanctions imposed by the United States on both his country and Russia have returned “like a boomerang” to the American continent and have also affected the European economy.

In an exclusive interview for the Turkish agency Anatolia as part of his visit to Ankara, Maduro acknowledged that the United States is partly “trapped in its own aggression”, giving the example of how they have affected the European continents and Americans the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“All the sanctions imposed, more than a thousand sanctions against the Russian economy, agriculture, oil or gas have returned like a boomerang and have returned against the European and American economies, which are creaking with galloping inflation,” Maduro stressed.

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On the other hand, regarding the sanctions imposed on Venezuela, Maduro considers that it is “very difficult” for Washington to lift them in their entirety, although he considers that the authorization of three oil companies to transfer their investments to the Caribbean nation are “small steps in the right direction”.

“Let’s be patient and continue working to get ahead with our own effort (…) Hopefully one day the United States abandons its policy of aggression, coercion and sanctions,” remarked the Venezuelan president, who pointed out that he would be “very happy “to be able to meet with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, also present in the Turkish capital.

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In another order of things, Maduro has addressed the controversial IX Summit of the Americas, organized on this occasion by the United States, which has vetoed the presence of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. For the Venezuelan head of state, this has been a “big mistake” by the US administration, which has managed to turn the meeting into a “protest” meeting against exclusion.

“The US empire has been taught a lesson that the time for imperial orders is over,” President Maduro stressed, lamenting that the Summit of the Americas has “gradually deteriorated from the political-diplomatic point of view “.

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