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CI Games and Hexworks are getting ready to release their long-awaited reboot of Lords of the Fallen later this year, and it’s clearly a game with huge ambitions. Developer Hexworks has set out to create a massive Soulslike action-RPG – but due to the nature of the genre as a Soulslike game, it might put off players who are not familiar enough with the familiar challenging genre, or do not have enough patience to learn the ins and outs.

It seems the game will certainly make the effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. Speaking with GamesRadar recently, creative director Cezar Virtosu acknowledged the “frustrations” often associated with Soulslike games, especially for newcomers, and said that Lords of the Fallen will have “a comprehensive onboarding experience” to ensure that players can easily get started before being let loose in the “very unforgiving world” of the game.

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“We created a comprehensive onboarding experience because the difference between motivation and frustration is understanding why you failed or what the game wants from you,” Virtuso said. “With a long onboarding, we believe players will be able to practice and master all the basic skills before we release them into our very unforgiving world.”

Exactly how long it will be before we can experience Lords of the Fallen in all its likely glory remains to be seen, as no specific release date has yet been announced, but publisher CI Games has confirmed that it will come out sometime this year. When it launches, it will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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