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In 1958, a totally new game saw, came and conquered the world: Stratego. 65 years later, Stratego, which combines the tactics of chess with the bluff of poker, has sold more than 20 million games worldwide. On Saturday, June 3, International Board Games Day, Jumbo announces that it ter honor of its 65th anniversary a deluxe limited edition anniversary edition of Statego will be released. Starting June 9, the exciting strategy game can be purchased, where the addition of female recruits and special battle cards have added a new dimension to combat. Stratego is now more exciting than ever!

The family game Stratego is all about strategic insight, including into your opponent’s mind, and capturing the flag. With the secret arrangement of your pieces, you proceed to attack, hoping not to run into a bomb or a superior that forces you to take the field.

Stratego 65th Anniversary: limited edition anniversary edition

To celebrate its 65th anniversary, Jumbo is releasing an anniversary edition of the game; this limited edition is truly a collector’s item for fans. Stratego 65th Anniversary includes three bonus pieces for each player, who now has the choice between a male and female playing piece for Marshal, Lieutenant and Scout. Anyone desiring even more strategy and tactics is at their beck and call with the introduction of Battle Cards. The added set of 15 cards with movement, attack and defense cards takes classic Stratego to the next level. With the right card you can walk diagonally, or cross the water, survive a bomb unscathed, or cheat at your opponent’s position.

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Marion Moons, VP Global Marketing JumboDiset: “We are proud of our brand’s rich past and look forward to celebrating it with our fans with a high quality limited edition release. To ready our brand for the next 65 years, we are excited to introduce new, exciting game elements to make it even more fun for our existing fans, and to get more children and families playing this exciting game. A new era for Stratego has begun.”

65 years of Stratego

The forerunner of today’s game was devised during World War II by Jewish hider Jacques Johan Mogendorff. Because his cardboard playing pieces were easily damaged and therefore easier to identify, the game was not a success at the time. He approached publisher Jumbo, which successfully marketed the game with wooden pieces and equipped with uniforms in 1958. The now iconic uniforms depicted on the playing pieces were designed by Frans Smits, Holland’s most famous designer of military uniforms and emblems.

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The classic version is still immensely popular, but numerous variants were added over time. From Living Stratego to an app for smartphones and tablets in which you hope to outwit the computer, from special Efteling and Assassins Creed versions to the beloved Junior version for budding strategists. For true pirate lovers from the age of 5 there is Stratego Pirates, awarded as winner of Toy of the Year 2016, for players with little time the fast variant Stratego Quick Battle. Did you know that Stratego championships are even organized around the world? Last year, Dutchmen Max Roelofs and Anjo Travaille won Silver and Bronze respectively at the championships in Greece.


Stratego 65th Anniversary limited edition is a one-time anniversary edition from Jumbo. Run out! The 65th Anniversary edition includes three bonus pieces for each player, who now has the choice between a male and female playing piece for the Marshal, Lieutenant and Scout and a set of 15 strategy cards.

Available temporarily from June 9 in toy channels such as Intertoys, Toychamp, Top 1 Toys, Dreamland.

Suggested retail price: €79.99

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