You can sharpen your Ken-ergy with Impala’s Barbie roller skates

There are many iconic things in the upcoming Barbie movie, but something that stands out are the roller skates worn by both Barbie and Ken. Ken even states that he doesn’t go anywhere without his skates, so they are probably a pretty important part of his life.

Now you too can be like Ken as Impala has released their own version of Barbie’s roller skates. As you can see on Barbie-fel yellow?variant=39876200726622″ target=”_blank”>Impala’s site, the skates are bright yellow, with pink wheels, laces and straps.

They cost £163.99, or €189.95, so they’re quite an investment. But if you really want to prove you’re the biggest Barbie fan out there, they’re a pretty bold and obvious statement.

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