LG’s new G3 TV has some seriously impressive, next-gen technology –

First unveiled at CES 2023, the upcoming LG G3 OLED TV appears to be a truly next-gen panel, using a Micro Lens Array to increase brightness over that of competing screens such as the Samsung S95C.

A Micro Lens Array is a new technology that uses billions of tiny convex lenses placed over the pixels of an OLED panel to increase brightness by up to 150% compared to regular OLED TVs.

In addition, the G3 OLED also uses a brightness boosting algorithm and super anti-reflection coating, which again will give us even more brightness to reduce the amount of reflections on the screen by about 25%.

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In addition to improved visuals, the G3 brings us another improvement in its audio, with sound now calibrated to better match the content you are viewing. An Auto Balance feature also better matches high and low sounds in the TV’s speakers.

Thanks, TechRadar.

LG's new G3 TV has some seriously impressive, next-gen technology

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