Lenovo presents a study with Salva Espín

Lenovo has presented in Madrid a new study which shows that more than half of gamers identify with their alter-ego online rather than with his real-world identity. It has counted with the presence of the comic book artist and video game designer Salva Espín, who has created a limited edition of stickers that combine the online and offline worlds taking this duality as a reference.

The event, which took place at the Lenovo offices, Mónica García de Lucas, EMEA Communications Manager of the company’s consumer and gaming products, explained the study carried out by the firm and how the action with Salva Espín materialized.

One of the most relevant conclusions focused on the fact that the digital world really is a matrix of the real world and the time when gamers feel their most authentic identity is when they are gaming at home (58%), followed by socializing with friends and family (52%) and engaging in other hobbies and personal interests (46%).

Nearly 60% of gamers choose to dedicate themselves to their gaming life right after finishing work, according to the study, certain professions also feel their most authentic self through specific genres or games.

According to Lenovo’s research, workers. administrative (44%), medical and sanitary (42%), financial (38%) y scientists (40%) for example, feel their identity more authentically during the strategy games. On the other hand, those people who work in the computer science (45%) o creative (40%) feel their identity more authentically by playing a role-playing games (RPGs).

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With the intention of celebrating gamers’ own online and offline alter-egos, Salva Espín, known for his work designing Marvel characters such as Deadpool, She-Hulk, X-Men and Wolverine, has been Lenovo’s ally in creating “Second Skin, five limited edition stickers which are capable of combining both worlds. There is everything from a Wizard who relies on the ability to cope with multiple tasks in the office, to a gentleman who carries his medical inventory.

The inspiration came from encouraging gamers to embrace their identities, regardless of the skin they inhabit on a day-to-day basis. The stickers evoke what our lives would look like if we embraced our authentic online personalities at all times..

Salva Espín, comic book artist and video game designer

At the presentation, Espín also carried out a session of sketching live where he showed how his creative process develops when it comes to inspiration and the realization of his creations. To do so, he used a Lenovo TAB P12 PRO Tableta powerful device that covers multiple needs in the fields of entertainment, video games and design.

Collaborating with Salva on the Second Skin campaign has been very enriching. Gaming is part of Lenovo’s DNA and we have enjoyed supporting our community in expressing their true identity. Thanks to the stickers, gamers will be in tune with their virtual alter ego and will be able to translate their true personality into the real world through the designs Salva has created. He has managed to capture the essence of both worlds to perfection..

Mónica García de Lucas, EMEA Communications Manager

In addition, the design of the last adhesive of the series is to be provided by a member of the Lenovo Legion gaming community. There have been many submissions from community members to the competition since it was launched on January 12, and the winning design has been personally selected by Salva Espín. Both will work together on the final Second Skin design that will be announced soon in the Lenovo Legion gaming community.

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