Google is making some major changes to Workspace -.

New features and a smoother look are coming to G Suite, with some specific focus on Google Documents.

Some of the changes to Documents include the ability to set up calendar invitations from within a document, making it easier to collaborate on an event. An updated variable utility also allows users to identify certain values in a document, such as a client name or contact number, and then update those values throughout the document as it is edited.

You and other document editors will also soon be able to use emojis to vote between certain options within a Google Doc. While these may not be the flashiest changes, they will give you many more options in Google Docs.

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The G Suite is getting similar changes, which appear to be carried over from the design overhaul Gmail received, and these new changes will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

See the list of changes here.

Google makes some major changes to Workspace

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